Jetty to Jetty: Stories of Broome


Nyamba Buru Yawuru


2016, 2017


Broome, Western Australia


Bart Pigram (Narlijia Tours), Doug Fong, Stephen ‘Baamba’ Albert, Kevin Puertollano, Jimmy Edgar, Peter Sampi, Project 3, Chinatown Revitalisation Project


Artistic direction, curation of digital artworks/projections, event management




Following on from the design and construction of Broome’s Jetty to Jetty Trail, MudMap Studio has worked together with Nyamba Buru Yawuru to create Jetty to Jetty: Stories of Broome, an immersive, three night sound and projection event for Shinju Matsuri Festival.  This event has featured at the Shinju Matsuri Festival in 2016 and 2017.

This event is designed to add another layer in the communication of the stories and historical layers interpreted through the Jetty to Jetty Trail, spanning from Streeter’s Jetty to the Old Jetty at Town Beach to highlight thirteen historical and cultural sites that explore the rich cultural landscape of the Yawuru people and Broome’s pearling era.  

Each night of Jetty to Jetty: Stories of Broome event highlights a key location on the Jetty to Jetty Trail where attendees experience walking tours, projections, performances and aural histories.   The 2016 event focused on Streeter’s Jetty, Kennedy Hill and the Goods Shed, while the 2017 event focused on telling the stories of Chinatown, Streeter’s Jetty and Kennedy Hill. 

MudMap Studio’s role in this project was artistic direction - to manage the event, coordinate the contractors, storytellers and performers, and to curate the visual projection artworks. 

Images: MudMap Studio, Jeremy Macmath, Shinju Matsuri




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